Strong & Co. is a design and production company that creates experiential events and art installations.

Our work is fundamentally about transforming spaces and communicating to the various audiences within those spaces. 

It’s a kind of alchemy - we transmute the base matter of the space, whether that be a derelict warehouse, empty field, hotel conference room or even a largish broom cupboard into something completely different, a space which will impact on people  - event gold.  

We have close relationships with our clients, we aim to really ascertain what they, their stakeholders, their audiences and partners need from the event.   Then we tailor designs and work with the site, often using new creative techniques and cutting-edge artists to make something that surpasses the original vision.

Strong & Co’s services are most often sought-out by those looking for something uniquely their own, a space transformed for and communicating to their audience.

Our clients include forward thinking brands such as The Guardian Newspaper, bands such as Radiohead, cultural organisations such as The Liverpool Biennial, creative agencies such as Krow and festivals such as Festival No.6.

Founded by installation artist Deborah Armstrong in 2006, we continue to love what we do, creating worlds for people to explore, making art that people party in.


"Strong and Co are where we go to make our events brilliant.  We will have the initial concept and idea but we bring in Debs and her team to take it up a level.  To call Debs the most creative person I know is an understatement...her event execution is flawless."


Sefton Woodhouse

Vice President Artist Relations & Event Management

EMI Music UK