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expert storytellers, passionate designeRS.

Founder & MD, Debs Armstrong has specialised in Experiential for more than 20 years; we are experts at developing concepts into live experiences. Her approach, making art that people move through rather than around, has led us to work with some of the world’s most interesting and forward-thinking organisations.

Disruptive brands come to us to develop concepts for Live Experiences. Independent promoters turn to us to deliver new Live Event ideas. Creative agencies use us to extend their in-house team’s capacity to deliver Experiential concepts. Everyone needs someone they can rely on; they are all staking their reputations and they all require it to be of the highest quality.

Underneath the grandiosity of our client list, awards, talks yadayada, we are just straightforward people that like to do interesting work with other nice people. Whilst we have creativity at heart, the complex and demanding nature of delivering these projects means we have a highly organised, no-nonsense approach.

Trust underpins all good relationships and therefore to us, transparency is crucial. We do not apply hidden mark-ups and we always pass on 100% of negotiated supplier discounts to our clients.

The process is simple, have a chat with Debs, and go from there.

Andi Oliver’s rave review of Debs Armstrong’s work.

For over 10 years, every show we did together became brighter and better...simply delightful to work with, they can turn any concept into an amazing, truly magical experience!
— Marissa Bellon for Harvey Goldsmith, The Live Firm


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the core team


Founder & MD

Debs Armstrong


Construction Manager

Eyal Edelman


Lead Producer & Office Manager

Maree Featherstonhaugh


Project Manager

Simon Vaughan


Art Director

Nienke Jongsma


technical Design

Ben Kearns

Working with the team was like working with an extension of our own team - clear communication, flawless execution and smooth running of the events.
— Kat Bednarczyk - Senior Business Marketing Manager UK, Twitter